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About DobiForex

Ever wondered how some people are able to read the Forex market like an open book, while others simply flip through pages of confusion? Welcome to DobiForex, where we unravel the mystery of Forex trading, one currency pair at a time.

ai forex robots are focused on your growth

Who We Are

We are not your run-of-the-mill Forex service company; we are a portal to your financial prosperity. DobiForex took flight in 2020, founded by a posse of currency trading devotees with one lofty ambition – to make Forex trading as easy as ABC. Ask yourself: wouldn’t it be a game changer if you could trade currency with the same insight and tools as the Wall Street tycoons? This is exactly what we strive to provide.

Our Services

  • Agile Ai Forex Robots:  The robots execute trades in real-time based totally on their high performance predictions in different plans.
  • State-of-the-artwork Trading Platform: Get the upper hand with our intuitive platform, boasting real-time charts, market analysis, and a collection of chance control gear.
  • Expert Coaching: Our Forex experts supply insights which can be absolutely really worth their weight in gold (or Swiss francs or Japanese yen, if you pick).
  • Dedicated Customer Support: Our dedicated support crew is only a click on away, geared up to help you overcome any hurdles to your journey to the Forex market mastery.
ai forex robots are focused on your growth

Why DobiForex?

You have to have heard the saying, “Don’t be counted your chickens earlier than they hatch”. In the volatile global of the Forex market, this phrase rings especially real. But with DobiForex, we assist you navigate the unpredictable tides of the currency marketplace effectively and self belief. 

Are you bored with being a small fish inside the substantial Forex ocean? With us, you’ll no longer best swim with the massive fishes, but you’ll out-swim them. We’re right here to ensure which you’re no longer adrift at sea however sailing full steam ahead.

Meet our team

Dive into the heart of our operation and get familiar with our dedicated team. These are the passionate specialists, the strategic thinkers and the revolutionary hassle solvers who’re devoted to turning your the Forex market goals into a rewarding fact. Your achievement is our task.

Mohammas sadeq Majdi | Dobi forex CEO

Mohammadsadeq Majdi

CO-Founder & CEO


Mohammad reza babaei | co-founder | dobiforex

Mohammadreza Babaei

CO-Founder & COB


Fazel Rezaei | co-founder | dobiforex

Fazel Rezaei

CO-Founder & CFO


Puja baneri

Puja Baneri

General Manager


Jack Stone

Managing Director


Omena Rumbble

Account Manager


Our reviews from companies around the world

  • Mayumi
    "What sets DobiForex aside is their holistic technique to the Forex market trading. It's no longer pretty much shopping for and selling currencies; it is approximately empowering buyers like me with knowledge, equipment, and help. With DobiForex, I do not feel like I'm buying and selling by myself - I experience part of a network."
  • Xiao Zhan
    "DobiForex's customer support is top notch. The team is to be had 24/7, ensuring that I in no way sense lost. It's comforting to recognize that irrespective of the query, I actually have a assist machine equipped to assist me. The peace of thoughts they offer is priceless."
    Xiao Zhan
  • Nares Nambisan
    "The professional education from DobiForex is the first-class inside the business. Their experienced specialists guide you step-by using-step, transforming you from a the Forex market newbie to a confident dealer. Imagine having a personal instructor for the Forex market - that is what it seems like!"
    Nares Nambisan
    Clever Yuk
  • "The buying and selling platform offered via DobiForex is intuitive, complete, and user-friendly. It's my control room, my hub for decision-making, imparting all the data I want at my fingertips. As the saying is going, information is strength, and with DobiForex, I've in no way felt more empowered!"
    Tom Adams
  • "DobiForex's AI bots are a revolution in the Forex market trading. Their insightful predictions are like having a behind the scenes skip to the sector of forex fluctuations. It's nearly as though they recognise the marketplace's pulse. Remarkable!"
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